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Sons of Norway is a fraternal benefit and cultural society dedicated to preserving Norwegian heritage in North America and strengthening the ties between North America and modern Norway.

Sons of Norway has close to 80,000 members across Canada, the United States and Norway who belong to nearly 400 locally- governed lodges.

Through local lodge activities, members can celebrate with others. From torsk dinners to folk dancing, from language classes to Viking ship regattas, lodge activities make the Norwegian heritage come alive. Sons of Norway members believe tradition and heritage are worth preserving for thefuture.

Sons of Norway International
A Proud Heritage
VikingWorld Orlando Lodge
Demonstrating the Warmth
of Norway

VikingWorld Orlando was organized on March 7, 1970, which then became the third lodge in Florida to be admitted to the Order. The lodge has approximately 90 current members.
A spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm, as well as dedication to fraternal ideas and the preservation of Norwegian culture make VikingWorld Orlando a proud part of the Sons of Norway family.

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